The origin of Curiel

The origin of Curiel was an atelier in Trieste, Italy, opened by Ortensia Curiel, who devoted herself to demonstrate the elegance and timeless beauty of ladies in the late 19th century.


In 1945, Gigliola Curiel, the niece of Ortensia Curiel, brought Curiel to Milan. The simplicity and delicacy of Curiel made it a huge immediate success and was famous and popular among the upper class world widely. As the pioneer of Made-In-Italy fashion designer, Gigiliola has brought Curiel to La Scala, one of the most notable theatres in the world. Her most well-known design ‘Curielini’ revolutionised the way ladies dressed at the time.

1965 and 1970

In 1965 and 1970, Raffaella Curiel, the daughter of Gigliola Curiel, inherited the aesthetic concept of Curiel and presented her first collection in New York at Bergdorf Goodman, and Harrods of London, whilst in 1970, she opened her own boutique in Milan.

60’s to 90’s

From 60’s to 90’s, Raffaella Curiel synthesized characters of cosmopolitan art and culture in her works, varyingly inspired by Velasquez, Vermeer, Klimt, Schiele, Balla, Victor Hugo and Frida Kahlo. Her achievements are beyond

counting just as the honors and recognition she received, among which are The Knighthood of Gran Croce of the Italian Republic and the Ambrogino d’Oro of the Province of Milan.

1998 - Today

Gigliola Castellini Curiel, embarked on a journey in line with her cultural heritage and the extraordinary professional matrix of her mother, Raffaella Curiel. After completing her education at Milan’s Bocconi University and the Central Saint Martin College of Art and Design in London, in 1998, she launched her own ‘Gigliola Curiel’ prêt-a-porter line, which is extremely young and feminine, and is synthesis of a traditional style in which fashion is synonymous with class, culture and refinement. Currently, Gigliola is established all over the world with her collection, following an internationally recognized style.

Today, Curiel ladies are still working on the design of haute couture and high-class prêt-a-porter in their boutique in Milan, and they attend the AltaRoma high fashion show with their sophisticated designs every year. Among the distinguished loyal clients are the wife of the former president of Egypt Mubarak, the wife of financial magnate George Soros, and, many first ladies of Italy. Some clients have been loyal clients of Curiel for more than 60 years.

Redstone Group and Curiel

Redstone Group and Curiel Srl have signed an agreement which has leads to the creation of the new company Curiel Ltd. Raffaella and Gigliola Curiel will assure continuity to the values, vision and style of the four-generation-old family company, while Redstone will provide its consolidate luxury market expertise, brand management organization and financial capacity. Redstone’s main objectives are to preserve and enhance the Italian creativity, craftsmanship and heritage which are unique in Curiel, and to develop the brand in Italy, China and on the international markets. The first showroom will be opened in Milan, and more openings will follow in Shanghai, New York, Paris and London.

Four brilliant ladies created and developed the Italian haute couture brand Curiel, which is like a priceless diamond hidden in the mountains. The marriage between Curiel and Redstone will reveal the diamond, and make it shine gorgeously on the peak of the world of haute couture.

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