La Scala, the shrine to the greatest operatic artists of the world is the soul of perfection, the paragon of art and architecture, and the symbol of Italian operas. It has also been called “The Mecca for Operaphiles”.

The Curiel couture had gradually become the first choice of upper elites when attending La Scala performances and other important occasions since 1945.

Curiel and La Scala also tightly bounded to each other - Gigliola Curiel was the first designer who undertook the La Scala opening performances clothing designing, and the Curiel attire are also the most prevalent at all celebrity parties in La Scala.

Gigliola Curiel

Elegant dresses, noblest ladies, and greatest operas…this sacred opera palace has witnessed the prosperity of art history as well as the legend and charm of Curiel family.

Of all those decades, the historical classic Curiel style never fade away, but not only so, Curiel designing are always welcome to the newest fashion elements, provides a gorgeous platform for the collision and fusion between retro and modern.

Until now, this everlasting noble elegance of La Scala is still what Curiel delivering to the world, and this spirit will always go on.

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